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Hello, everyone!


Hello, everyone! My name is Steven David Hatfield. I hail from the eastern part of the

United States, and I was born to an English mother and an American father. I reside in Sendai, Japan, where I’ve lived for over 30 years. My wife Yoko is a piano teacher. My son Eugene is a college student in Tokyo.

Professionally, I wear multiple hats. After completing my university education,

I dedicated two years to voluntary service as a social worker and teacher in the inner-cityareas of America. Witnessing the struggles of those in poverty left a lasting impact on me. Later, I worked with disabled individuals.

Eventually, I came to Japan and was a junior and senior high teacher for ten years in

Sendai. My academic journey led me to Tohoku University, where I pursued graduate

studies focusing on immigration, a topic close to my heart. I’ve authored five whimsical

children’s and young adult books, with four more in progress.My son and I created these stories when he was a little kid. Additionally, students helped me with the artwork for these books, which added to the joy of publishing them!

This year marks an exciting new chapter—I am thrilled to be a full-time Children’s

Education Department instructor. The students and staff here are nothing short of


Don’t hesitate to contact me if I can help you with any English studies.

Please contact me if you love to do art. Maybe you can do some artwork for my future

children’s storybooks.


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