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SHOOTING STARS: A Journey of Perseverance and Dreams

Many years ago, I experienced a day filled with nature`s wonders. In my son`s company, I witnessed a rainbow adorning the sky both in the morning and the afternoon, and as the day concluded, we were treated to the sight of a shooting star. Despite the risk of sounding naive, I made a wish upon that star. To my delight, a few years later, that wish materialized!

My wish was to become an author of children`s storybooks. The journey was not easy. Initially, my work faced rejection from publishers, both big and small. I managed to publish two books but was not satisfied with their quality. However, I did not let these hurdles deter me. With determination and hard work, often referred to as ‘elbow grease,’ I improved the quality of my books significantly. I strive for better, constantly creating new content and revising my published works.

I feel immense joy as these stories were crafted during the precious moments spent with my son during his childhood. Furthermore, including artwork from my students in my books adds to my happiness. The process of communicating with each student for every illustration is a journey I thoroughly enjoy. The sense of accomplishment upon the completion of each book is truly gratifying.

I hope each of you gets to witness a shooting star soon. When you do, make a wish and remember that it takes much ‘elbow grease’ to make dreams come true. So, keep shining and keep dreaming!

Please enjoy the following student artwork.


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